Live Fish Transfer Pump

Technical data:

  • Main drive motor: 3 Kw
  • Inlet: 6 in (152mm)
  • Outlet: 6 in (152mm)
  • Pump speed: 200 to 540 rpm
  • Fish size max: 5-550 gr
  • Head: 6m
  • Suction: 3m

Fish Transfer Pump

The live fish transfer pump is a specialized pump in aquaculture systems used to transfer live fish from one location to another.

This device is also known by other names such as fish pump and fish transfer pump, all of which have the same functionality among aquaculture producers.

One of the applications of the fish transfer pump is the transfer of fry from the breeding location to the final grow-out site. This pump is also widely used for the transfer of larger fish between tanks and ponds.


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